Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Landing

It seemed like as soon as the trip began it was over.  Another flash of light and I collapsed onto a carpet of what looked like moss.  I couldn’t focus my vision yet, I had vomit over my clothes and was still gagging, I was covered in sweat, and was totally exhausted.  My alien friends were chuckling saying the first trip is the hardest, but it gets easier.  I slowly got up and scanned the landscape...Wow, how different.  The whole area was covered with low growing plants with very large leafs.  The sky was a bright but dark blue, I could see several moons, a sun, and what looked like another distant sun.  It was a pleasant but cool day.  Then I saw the largest flying insects imaginable.  A creature that looked similar to a dragonfly, but was the size of a small car...there were all types of very large flying insects and fortunately they would swerve to miss you, otherwise the collision could have been deadly.  I quickly changed my soiled shirt (I have to admit that I left my vomit soaked shirt behind).  Jerry pointed to an insect that looked similar to a super sized bumblebee and said if one lands on a flower it would stay still long enough so I could get on its back and fly it.  My weight would prevent it from gaining more than five feet above the ground.  I looked around and said I didn’t see any flowers.  He pointed to a nearby hill and said there were lots of flowers on the other side.  I ran like a little kid to see.  As I crested the hill all I could see was a landscape of super sized yellow flowers.  Each one was at least 5 to 6 feet across and looked like a sunflower, but laid flat out like a table and bumblebees everywhere.  We each jumped on a “bee” and went flying.  They were easy to maneuver by just leaning to one side or another.  I noticed all the plants were very close to the ground and their stems were corked screw shaped.  I also saw lots of large holes dug into the ground with the remains of the soil piled next to them.  The noise of all the flying insects seemed deafening at times.  We dismounted our rides at the edge of a very large canyon.  Tom stated this is the dry and calm part of the planet's year.  In other parts of the year, it could have 8 feet of rain and winds in excess of 500 mph per storm.  Jerry and I lounged back admiring the view as I munched on a package of peanuts I had brought with me while Tom went further along the edge of the canyon to explore.  I then noticed the sky darkening and Tom running toward us screaming something.  Jerry grabbed my arm and said, “run".  As we ran toward Tom, I noticed all the insects diving toward the holes and the plants closing up, corkscrewing down and literally retracting into the ground. About that time, Jerry tripped on a retracting plant and got his leg trapped into the corkscrewing stem.  He screamed in pain as the stem acted like a boa constrictor on his leg.  I looked behind me and saw a wall of black clouds and debris rapidly approaching us. I immediately dumped my backpack on the ground to quickly access my knife. Hastily, I cut the plant stem contracting around Jerry’s leg as he struggled to pull free still squealing in pain.  Freeing him, he put his arm around me and we scrambled to the nearest insect hole falling onto a bee.  Its wings immediately began flapping, batting us around.  I instinctively stabbed the bee which caused it to fly out of its protective den sending us falling to the bottom, but it promptly settled back into the hole pinning us under its belly.  As Jerry and I lay compressed, but comfortable, we heard the winds of the storm above us. Then I heard the torrential rains start.  I started to panic thinking about what Tom had said about 8 foot of rain and we would surely drown as water entered the hole, but no water was getting in.  It seems the bee’s body had swelled to seal the holes entrance preventing water intrusion.  Jerry was breathing fast and moaning in pain as we lay there for what seemed like hours.  I finally dozed off awaking to a chilled rush of air as the bee left the hole.  The storm was over. Jerry’s leg was swollen to twice its normal size.  I climbed out of the hole to hopefully see if Tom had made it through the storm also.  The insects were back to flying and all the plants and flowers were unfurling to enjoy the sunlight, but I could not see Tom.  The ground was soggy.  Every step my feet sunk about 3 inches in the soft moss filling the indentations with water.  It was at that time I noticed it was rapidly getting dark.  I made it back to the hole to find Jerry trying to get out.  I helped him up and then we sat down on the edge of the hole.  I told him I could not locate Tom--he didn’t say anything as he winched in pain.  It was now dark. The temperature was comfortable--maybe 80 degrees I guessed.  I sat there wondering what to do, Jerry not saying anything, and then I heard what sounded like crunching and chewing.  I could make out large forms of something all around us chomping on the plants.  Jerry and I scrambled back into the hole.  The night was long with the occasional proboscis probing us.  Thankfully we were not appetizing. The next day I was really worried about Jerry--his leg was still really swollen.  I was extremely hungry and thirsty.  I drank the water in puddles out of desperation.  Jerry finally said something that really scared me--He and Tom had not told anyone where they were traveling to and if Tom was dead we were doomed on the planet.  I sat there dazed for a moment and immediately started to think about food, water and shelter. Then to my total delight Tom appeared from a bright light with his “traveling stick”.  He immediately engulfed us with the light and again, as I collapsed in pain, we were traveling through space.  The next thing I knew we were back at the hotel, I was vomiting from nausea, and Tom stating he had to get Jerry help for his leg and immediately they were gone.  I called my friend Barney to come get me.  When he arrived, I told him that I would explain later what had happened, but I needed him to back me up on a wild fishing story to tell my wife--what a great friend he was--he took all the blame.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Start of My First Trip

I decided not to tell my family about the potential trip--the drama would not have been worth it.  I left a note in an envelope that listed all the bank/insurance account numbers and that I loved everyone.  I packed a small backpack with a change of clothes, food, toiletries, a few survival gear items, and my .357 pistol.  I arranged with my wife that I was going on a fishing trip with Barney and would be back in the morning.  I left the house and waited around the corner in a dark area so no one would see me.  About the same time as two nights before, a car pulls up with my two alien “friends”.  I immediately jumped in the backseat and we were off.  As we drove to the Buena Vista Motel in Mexico Beach, Fl, I asked several questions.  First, why did Tom stab me?  He stated that what he did was take a DNA sample and at the same time inject me with a tracking system so they could find me later.  It’s the same tracking system they use on all animals that they relocate to other planets.  It becomes part of the chromosomes and makes any animal “glow” like a star on their trackers.  I also asked how long the trip would take and how long I would be gone.  They said not to worry because I would be back about the same time as I left even though I would experience two days.  Jerry tried to explain that time and space are intertwined and our travel was like shrinking a balloon and all the points of space would exist at one point in time.  He would pick the point of exit and our time would then expand again at our new destination.  It was a form of time travel that covered distances.  Too deep for me.  The car finally stopped at the motel and we went into one of the small rooms.  Tom expanded what looked like the same rod he had in 1986 as we were huddled in a tight group.  I saw a flash of light and immediately thought I was going to die.  I felt like I was being crushed, my head was going to explode, extreme nausea engulfed me, and I was on fire all at once. I was screaming, but I couldn't hear anything.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Second Meeting

In the fall of 1988, my family and I were now stationed at Tyndall AFB, FL.  I was sitting in the backyard of our new home looking at the stars, thinking about my New Mexico experience and wondering about life on other planets when a car pulled up in my driveway.  I was expecting a good friend of mine, Barney, to drop by. When the gate opened and two men walked in, I immediately recognized them as the two individuals from my weird experience.  I was scared they had tracked me down and I was about to meet my demise.  But they both raised their hands as a sign of peace and I instinctively raised mine back.  They came closer and one of them starting talking.  He was very hard to understand at the time (I’ve since got used to their voice and accent).  Their voices are very raspy, which I later learned is because their vocal cords are not like ours.  Their accents are like a cross between Arabic and deep Gaelic...understanding them was very difficult to begin with.  They stated they had dropped by to thank me for saving their lives two year prior.  If anyone else had come across the accident they would have ended up in some scientific laboratory and be dead or permanently imprisoned.  As a thank you, they wanted to take me anywhere in the Universe I wanted.  Stupid me, not knowing anything about the Universe, wanted to visit the Andromeda Galaxy, as I pointed to just north of the Pegasus constellation, and see if there is any advanced life there.  They laughed (their laugh is somewhat higher pitched than ours and they jiggle their shoulders when laughing) and said a galaxy if a very large place to visit, but they would narrow down a place just for me.  They also said “advanced intelligent” life is rare and fleeting in the Universes (I noted the plural later when I was thinking about what they had said).  I asked their names and when I gave up trying to pronounce what sounded like gibberish, I asked if I could call them Tom (the driver) and Jerry.  They laughed and said that was fine.  I still cannot pronounce their correct names.  Tom said he wanted me to take a pill which would protect me from other life forms and other life forms from me.  He called it a bio-electrostatic film.  It basically coats every living cell in my body forming a bio link which acts as a shield from other life forms (bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.) and if I shed any living cells the bio-link would be broken and those cells would immediately die protecting the environment I was visiting, but he also stated this protection was short-lived (five days maximum).  It also took two days to activate throughout my body.  I took the pill and they said they would see me in two days and left.  When they left I then realized I had lots of questions.  How long would I be gone?  What did I need to bring?  What time where they meeting me?  What do I tell my wife and kids?  If I was going to travel at the speed of light or greater, when I came back how would I cope with everything aging while I had not?   Would I live through this?  Why did they stab me back in 1986?  Shit, is this real?  Now what?  Why did I take that pill?...

The First Meeting

In 1986, I was in the Air Force heading back on TDY orders from Denver Colorado to my home at Cannon AFB, NM.  I was traveling on Hwy 120 (Map of road), that connects I-25 and Hwy 39, on a section of road that snakes through a canyon.  It was late at night and I was having a difficult time staying awake.  All I could think about was getting home.  At one point, I thought I saw a car overturned by the side of the road, but I wasn’t sure and kept on driving.  It kept playing on my mind that it might actually be an accident so I turned around to investigate.  In fact, it was an overturned car--I was no longer tired as my adrenaline started pumping knowing that there might be occupants in the car, either dead or seriously injured.  This is a very desolate and dark road with absolutely no traffic and at a time before cell it was just me to help, if I could.  As I looked into the small car, which was heavily damaged, I noticed three individuals.  I asked if everyone was OK and I got a very raspy response from the driver which I could not understand.  I couldn’t get the doors opened.  I went back to my car and got my tire iron out and used it to pry open the doors.  Two men got out and they helped drag the third passenger out, which appeared to be dead.  As I looked at them I thought it was strange that they had no facial hair, not even eyebrows and their eyes were very dark.  They were a little shorter than I was...about 5’ 7”, but very stout, in a muscular way.  The driver grabbed the tire iron from my hands, popped the trunk open and retrieved a short rod.  The other front seat passenger looked like he had a very serious leg injury with what appeared to be bone protruding from his torn pants.  He hobbled about and picked up the third unconscious or dead passenger in a hug type grasp.  The driver extended the rod he had retrieved from the trunk and a fountain like light enveloped them.  I stood in shock watching as everything seemed surreal.  At this point, the two men seemed to be arguing as the driver pulled something from a small bag he had around his shoulder.  The fountain of light disappeared and he lunged at me with what appeared to be some type of small gun or knife.  He grabbed my arm, which I jerked away, but then he stabbed me in the left rib.  The pain was intense and an electric shock sent me into a type of daze.  I opened my eyes just in time to see the three individuals disappear in the fountain of light provided by the rod.  I looked at the my side.  My shirt was torn and there was a small cut in my left side.  I layed there for about 30 minutes trying to figure out what to do and think about the experience.  I decided I would drive to the next town and let the police know what happened.  But as I approached the small town of Roy I did not see a police station and by that time I thought no one would believe my story anyway, so I just went on home to Cannon AFB.  The small stab wound healed quickly.  I never told anyone of my experience, but I thought about it almost everyday.  Then...

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I know most will never believe this blog, but that’s OK.  I’ve traveled and lived a very exciting life and I want to share it with others because part of the joy of experiences is sharing them.  Also, I’m not a writer so forgive my grammar and writing style.  I'll try to put down my experiences as they happened in a journal type format.  This makes it easier on me because I’m often short of words and tire of writing.  If anyone has questions or needs explanations, just ask.  I'll try to explain the best I can, but realize a lot of my experiences are beyond my comprehension.  My first experience, that I'll post, is how I met three travelers (aliens) which ultimately led to my intergalactic travels.