Friday, April 19, 2013

Second Meeting

In the fall of 1988, my family and I were now stationed at Tyndall AFB, FL.  I was sitting in the backyard of our new home looking at the stars, thinking about my New Mexico experience and wondering about life on other planets when a car pulled up in my driveway.  I was expecting a good friend of mine, Barney, to drop by. When the gate opened and two men walked in, I immediately recognized them as the two individuals from my weird experience.  I was scared they had tracked me down and I was about to meet my demise.  But they both raised their hands as a sign of peace and I instinctively raised mine back.  They came closer and one of them starting talking.  He was very hard to understand at the time (I’ve since got used to their voice and accent).  Their voices are very raspy, which I later learned is because their vocal cords are not like ours.  Their accents are like a cross between Arabic and deep Gaelic...understanding them was very difficult to begin with.  They stated they had dropped by to thank me for saving their lives two year prior.  If anyone else had come across the accident they would have ended up in some scientific laboratory and be dead or permanently imprisoned.  As a thank you, they wanted to take me anywhere in the Universe I wanted.  Stupid me, not knowing anything about the Universe, wanted to visit the Andromeda Galaxy, as I pointed to just north of the Pegasus constellation, and see if there is any advanced life there.  They laughed (their laugh is somewhat higher pitched than ours and they jiggle their shoulders when laughing) and said a galaxy if a very large place to visit, but they would narrow down a place just for me.  They also said “advanced intelligent” life is rare and fleeting in the Universes (I noted the plural later when I was thinking about what they had said).  I asked their names and when I gave up trying to pronounce what sounded like gibberish, I asked if I could call them Tom (the driver) and Jerry.  They laughed and said that was fine.  I still cannot pronounce their correct names.  Tom said he wanted me to take a pill which would protect me from other life forms and other life forms from me.  He called it a bio-electrostatic film.  It basically coats every living cell in my body forming a bio link which acts as a shield from other life forms (bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.) and if I shed any living cells the bio-link would be broken and those cells would immediately die protecting the environment I was visiting, but he also stated this protection was short-lived (five days maximum).  It also took two days to activate throughout my body.  I took the pill and they said they would see me in two days and left.  When they left I then realized I had lots of questions.  How long would I be gone?  What did I need to bring?  What time where they meeting me?  What do I tell my wife and kids?  If I was going to travel at the speed of light or greater, when I came back how would I cope with everything aging while I had not?   Would I live through this?  Why did they stab me back in 1986?  Shit, is this real?  Now what?  Why did I take that pill?...

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